Sophies page

3rd July 1993 - 22nd December 2005.

Sophie is gone now. Her kidneys failed and she was put to sleep just before Christmas 2005.

Sophie and her attitude. Press to play.

I'm an Airedale with an attitude. And I know how to use it!
See me tell Peter what I think of him.

The hammering sound on the movie? Wood burning stove! For my ol' bones.

(4 MB Mpeg movie)


"I have had two names!
It's true! The first year I was called Dammit Sophie.
Later I changed name to plain Sophie. But sometimes Peter still calls me Dammit Sophie.
I guess his memory isn't too good."

"This baby picture was taken for Peter to remember how cute I looked. - Two seconds after he took it I had punctured his nose four places. Suits him well"

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You can use it as wallpaper in Windows.

This is how I look these days. Always with a big grin on my pretty face.


I simply love the snow. It's great fun to put the nose under the snow and play snow scraper.






This is my all time favorite ball. Once it was used to hold detergent, but I quickly learned that it was quite impossible to wreck.


Summertime! And I'm allowed to get the cream

Cream and strawberries go perfectly together. Luckily I can find those strawberries myself

But it makes you sooo thirsty. Nice with a little sip from the pond.

What a nice Christmas present we had this year!
Off course first I hid my own, then I stole Tennas bone.

"Have a cigar"

"I know I can fly!
I know it!! It's a matter of willpower!"

Sophie found the softest spot that night.

© Peter Mortensen