Winston came into Sophie's and Tenna's lives when I received an email from a lady named Susanne. This was shortly after Christmas 2000.
Susanne was in need of a new home for her 2½ y.o. Airedale 'Winston'.
I have some friends, Charlotte and Henning, and I knew that they had been looking for an ADT male for a year or so without having found one.

So; within an hour after I received the mail from Susanne, a visit from Susanne and Winston was arranged and today Winston is having a great time in his new home.


At Kalle Beach:

From the left: Susanne, Henning, Winston, Tenna, Charlotte and Sophie


This picture was taken a few minutes after Winston, Tenna and Sophie meet the first time..

Again it shows that there is no breed like Airedale Terriers to make friends instanly..


"Hi there. My name is Winston and I'm Kalles grandson.
I can wawe my ear also.. Grandpa wasn't the only one to do this trick.."

Kalle wawing his ears.


Winston is a really lovely Airedale. Very bright and vigorous.


And very ...hrrrrmm.. happy to have some female company.. At least he dreamt about it.. Tenna was not that easy to trick..




Sophie in the foreground and Winston making the famous Airedale playbow..


"Come on Charlotte!!
Hand over the treats!!"

Winston: "I already love my new mom.."



 - The Road Now Taken -

(Almost Robert Frost according to Dina)